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Master Station

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  • Mulit-Loops master station
  • Mulit-Loops master station
  • Mulit-Loops master station
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Mulit-Loops master station




Size:2.5U, 19'

Exterior:19' rock install




Actuator ring network bus master station

                             -- Universal bus master station





The fully redundant valve ring network communication master station provides reliable redundant connection between the valve actuator and the host computer (including PLC/DCS, etc.) to ensure real-time reliable monitoring and control between the field electric actuator and the central control system.

The bus communicates with more than 120 valve electric actuators in the field through a patented ring network control system based on standard Modbus (RTU\ASCII) protocol . The communication speed can reach up to 115200Bps . Built-in anti-surge The circuit realizes the anti-lightning function of the field bus 20KA .

Dual Ethernet independent network segment interface and dual RS232/RS485 serial interface, realize redundant communication with upper computer (including PLC /DCS, etc.); floating IP and port switching technology, realize reliable connection of upper computer when redundant host switching. Modbus TCP as high as 16  Servers and 128  Clients connection capability , TCP cascade stacking extensions, make-site solutions applied to achieve arbitrary point.

Up to 20,000 words of real-time database and detailed real-time status data information, offline / online configuration and monitoring tool software, non-vendor-limited electric actuator ring connection, is the only universal high-performance valve ring in the world network communication controller capable of Rotork , of Limitorque , Antoine, Bernard, Tyco, Changzhou Schneider, Yangzhou Hengchun, such as hundreds of global  bus electric valve actuators reliable connection and management .

Main technical characteristics

1. Implementation of multi-loop communication structure

  Innovative loop state detection and healing technology, free loop configuration technology. The product can implement up to 4 standard Modbus protocol loop . Real-time monitoring of the health of the loop enables detection and alarm of actuator faults, loop faults (wire breaks, grounding, short circuits), and ensures fault-tolerant communication of loop breakpoints .

Adopt original Ethernet redundancy technology. Keep the IP address of the primary and backup CPUs unchanged and the primary and secondary connection channels to achieve continuity of data communication between the host computers. When acting as a SERVER , the host computer can connect through a unique IP address regardless of how the active and standby CPU modules work . In the case of CLENT , each connection can be configured with an active and standby IP and port to ensure reliable data communication using the alternate connection in the event of a primary connection interruption.

2. modular hot plug structure; full redundancy and high reliability hardware design

It adopts functional modular hardware architecture technology, CPU module, power module, network module, RS232/RS485 module and display module, etc., through the standard backplane integrated hardware function. These function modules are redundantly configured according to 1:1 , and the hot-swap technology ensures that failure of any one of the functional modules does not affect the normal operation of the whole machine. In terms of reliability design, the PCB adopts military standard design and selects wide temperature industrial grade IC to ensure high availability and applicable environment capability of the hardware.

3. data communication high real-time

The original data preprocessing technology and data communication gap processing technology are adopted, and a specially optimized real-time operating system is adopted. The successful application of these technologies ensures high real-time data communication.

4. the number of valves controlled by the main station is large, the overall cost is low

Thanks to the original multi-ring network communication technology, under the premise of ensuring fast communication of each ring network, more valves can be connected to a main station for monitoring and management. This saves more cost in the case of a large number of valves in one area.

5. the main station inside the whole machine to achieve lightning protection surge protection

On the outside of the RS485 interface of the ring network , a reliable three-level isolation lightning protection surge protector is provided, which can reliably protect the direct lightning strike or the induced lightning in the range of 20 kKA . It can be protected by cable connections in an open-air environment to protect the equipment from lightning strikes.

6. in addition to communication valves, but also access to power systems, flow meters, communication pressure thermometers and gas alarms and other instruments and systems

According to the original function design, only the ring network control of the valve is realized. During the development process, a large number of expansions are made to the function requirements. For each serial port, it can be configured into a ring network working mode or an independent working mode; The connected devices are not limited to valves. The free access command configuration can be any device with Modbus protocol. It enables the performance of general-purpose devices to be based on specialized devices.

7. to achieve remote visualization online configuration and diagnosis

An integrated application tool is configured for the device. The tool provides configuration, download, debug, monitoring, and diagnostic functions for device applications. These functions can be performed through the device's configuration port or remote IP network to achieve centralized management control and maintenance within the region.

8. intelligent valve equipment management technology

The unique intelligent equipment management technology is used to manage the valves and other devices on the ring network bus, which can ensure that the devices on the ring network bus can be intelligently detected and marked, whether they are out of operation or put into operation. The communication connection is stopped for the device that is withdrawn from operation, and the communication efficiency of the device running online is not affected by the withdrawal of the running device. When the device that is withdrawn from operation is put into operation again, the controller can intelligently recognize it and re-incorporate it into the communication scan. The technology uniquely solves the current universal Modbus protocol communication device can not solve the impact of lost devices on the communication efficiency of online devices. The operating command response is less than 10 milliseconds and the valve actuator data refresh rate is less than 500 milliseconds.

9. ring network control command enabling technology

The dedicated ring network control command enabling technology can ensure that the electric actuator in the ring network does not malfunction when the host computer or the upper control system is abnormal or unauthorized.

10. Self-diagnosis and status detection with each communication node and hardware module

11. with a complete module self-diagnosis and failure recovery mechanism

12. up to 20000 th 16 internal bit register configurable real-time database ( 0 to 19999 ), dual-mode bit or word search function

13. DC12V ~ DC30V non-polar wide voltage input, effectively prevent wrong wiring and voltage fluctuations.

14. -25 degrees to +80 degrees ambient operating temperature, no fan design.


typical application

l petrochemical / oil and gas pipelines / depot / LNG     

l water / wastewater treatment     

l conservancy / hydropower / irrigation     

l Food / Pharma     

l large packaging     

l Power generation / transmission and distribution     


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4-Loops   Master Control Station

DC   12V~30V


2-Loops   Master Control Station

DC   12V~30V


1-Loop   Master Control Station

DC   12V~30V





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